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Cosplay Foam Armor Essentials

EVA Foam

EVA foam is one of the most commonly used materials to create cosplay armor and props. For the best results and experience, use high density EVA foam as it is more durable, less absorbent, and easy to cut.


Cutting Knifes

To cut out patterns and designs into the foam, you will need sharp cutting knifes or utility blades. Be sure to have a sharpener or back up blades on hand because your blades will dull with extended use.



Adhesive is a must have for attaching your foam pieces together

    • Hot glue: Hot glue will be the cheapest and most accessible adhesive. It dries relatively quickly and applies unevenly so working with it can get messy.
    • Contact cement: Even better than hot glue is contact cement. Contact cement has the sturdiest hold and the cleanest looking seams after application.


Heat Gun

Before priming and painting EVA foam – heat treat it with a heat gun. This process shrinks the pores in the EVA foam so more of the product stays on the surface rather than being absorbed. A heat gun is also needed to manipulate the foam into shapes for your cosplay.



To remove texture and further avoid absorption of product into the EVA foam, prime! You will need to apply multiple layers of primer before painting.

    • White Glue/Wood Glue/Mod Podge: Glue based substances are affordable and accessible and can be found in most craft and hardware stores. The downside with using glue is that you may see streaks after application and the drying time can often be abysmal.
    • Plasti-dip: Priming with Plasti-dip will leave best looking finish. It can be hard to find at times but is completely worth it.


Spray Paint

Rather than using brush on paint, consider using spray paint. The spray paint application and drying time is faster than brushing and will leave a streak free finish. For an armor like finish use metallic paint.



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Hot Glue: Just A Tool Or Something More?

Hot Glue. It can either be a cosplayer’s best friend, or something that they curse at continuously for not working right. We’ve all had experiences with both side. But, what if hot glue could do something more? Something truly awesome? Say, for example make fake gemstones for a cosplay or even create intricate designs. Do I have your attention? Good. Let’s see what this basic glue can do.

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Surviving Convention Beasts: Convention Survival Guide

It’s every nerd’s and cosplayers dream come true to go to a convention. But, those who are just starting out or even the most experienced con-goer has trouble every now and then. Whether it’s a rip in the seam of your cosplay, you can’t carry anymore awesome con swag, or you’re dying of thirst. Everyone will run into some kind of trouble at a convention. But, worry not! Here is your guide to convention survival.

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Is This How It Works?: EVA Foam Help

It begins…

You just made plans to make a completely awesome cosplay and it has armor parts galore. There’s one problem though, you have absolutely no clue how to work with it. You need EVA Foam help. Big time. Well, have no fear, help is here! Here you will find a whole guide on what tools to use, to how to make your creation come to life. So let’s start shall we?

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Never Fear, Your Cosplay Ideas are Here!

Convention time! But wait, you don’t have any cosplay ideas. Well have no fear! Your cosplay ideas are here! When it comes down to finding a cosplay for your favorite convention, it can be quite a task. From deciding what character to go as, how you’re going acquire the cosplay, to many other factors. Luckily though, I can help with one aspect of the well known cosplay struggle. And that is cosplay ideas!

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EVA Foam. What is this Marvelous, Mold-able, Material?

What is EVA Foam?

You see people talking about it in forums and people raving about using it for their cosplay. But what exactly is this wondrous thing they call EVA foam? EVA foam, or Ethylene-vinyl acetate foam is a strong and flexible material commonly used to make floor mats or flip-flops. In the cosplay world,┬áit’s most frequently used to make cosplay armor or props.

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