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3mm EVA Foam Review – Tokkitan

I just recently received some EVA from the new store Cosplay Crafts and this is my review of it!

 The first type of EVA that I received was their 3 mm EVA.








The density of this foam was really nice to work with. A sharp exacto knife can cut through it pretty well and intricate details are pretty easy to carve out. I used this EVA for the middle waist part of this Love Live cosplay and the results were like this.







As you can see I could easily get nice detailing in this foam while having an upgrade from craft foam (which is usually 2 mm). The only issue I had with this foam was that my cuts did not expand as much as the exercise mat EVA foams does. However with enough heat it does expand enough for the details to be noticed.

Another thing to talk about is the price. For S15 a roll and free shipping in the U.S. , that is basically the same price as getting it from Michaels or Joanns. So, the price is definitely a plus!! One thing I noticed was that my brush strokes for my primer (I use Modge Podge) wasn’t as prominent as it was for other foams. This was a happy surprise.

Overall I really loved this foam and would definitely recommend it to everyone ^^.