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Hot Glue: Just A Tool Or Something More?

Hot Glue. It can either be a cosplayer’s best friend, or something that they curse at continuously for not working right. We’ve all had experiences with both side. But, what if hot glue could do something more? Something truly awesome? Say, for example make fake gemstones for a cosplay or even create intricate designs. Do I have your attention? Good. Let’s see what this basic glue can do.

Hot glue’s background.

We all know what hot glue is used for, but do we really know what it is and how it came to be? Because, as a certain saying goes: “With great power, comes great responsibility.” So, here’s a bit of background on our handy, dandy tool.

  • It’s actual name is Hot-melt-adhesive.
  • The cylindrical tube it uses is actually plastic glue that it melts down in order to glue things together.
  • It surprisingly contains some EVA polymers.
  • Hot glue’s first use was for book-binding
  • Our little friend can reach a variety of temperatures. (depending on the glue gun.)

Now that we know a little bit of background on one of the most used tools in the cosplay industry, let’s see a cool new thing we can do with it!

Hot glue gemstones!

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Yes, you heard right. Hot glue gemstones. The usual process for making items such as these for our cosplay, usually involve resin or other hard to deal with materials. But now, we have a way to make decorations for our cosplay with hot glue instead! Here’s how you do it…

First, you’ll want to get any mold you want to use. (These can be easily gotten at your average grocery store and/or craft store.) Then, make sure to heat up the hot glue gun. You’ll want it nice and hot for your project. (Just please be careful not to burn yourself. That wouldn’t be good.) After the hot glue gun is pretty warm, take the mold you desire–for example a gemstone mold, and take it gently in your hands. With one hand, hold the mold, and the other the glue gun. Then, press down on the lever of the glue gun and fill the mold entirely.

  • side note – If you are dealing with a deep mold, press up on the bottom of the mold to be able to fill it faster and get every inch.

Then, after you fill the mold, quickly put it face down on some aluminium foil to cool off. After a good two or three minutes it should be completely cool. Finally, once that’s done just pop the desired decoration out, cut the access of with an exacto knife, and voila! you have a hot glue decoration completely ready to go. No resin needed!

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