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Foam clay is the next MUST HAVE for your cosplay tool kit. Our cosplay clay is great for crafting pieces that need more intricate details or custom shapes. It starts as a clay for easy sculpting and after dried it becomes just like foam that can be cut, sanded, primed, and painted. Our clay can also be used as a seam filler or for material for molds.

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  • 120g
  • 500g

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  • Allow approx.¬†24-48 hours for clay to dry. The thicker the piece the longer it will take to dry.
  • Roll the clay into a ball before sculpting to remove initial wrinkles
  • To smooth out lines or cracks, add a small amount of water
  • Make the most out of your clay by using a foil base for larger pieces or hollow your pieces out
  • If the clay is too dry, add water a small amount of water¬†until the consistency works for you
  • If the clay is too moist, mix the clay until the consistency works for you

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120g, 500g