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EVA Foam. What is this Marvelous, Mold-able, Material?

What is EVA Foam?

You see people talking about it in forums and people raving about using it for their cosplay. But what exactly is this wondrous thing they call EVA foam? EVA foam, or Ethylene-vinyl acetate foam is a strong and flexible material commonly used to make floor mats or flip-flops. In the cosplay world, it’s most frequently used to make cosplay armor or props.

How do Cosplayers use EVA Foam?

Cosplayers can use EVA foam to make their armor for very cheap. For example, someone who is going to a video game convention wants to cosplay as their favorite Overwatch character, but, they do not know where to start with their armor. EVA foam can solve that problem very quickly. All you have to decide is what foam thickness you want and how you want to use if for your armor.


  • 8mm-12mm thickness – for props and armor that need to look incredibly sturdy.
  • 4mm-7mm thickness – used for smaller or much more detailed projects such as helmets.
  • 1mm-3mm thickness – the easiest thickness to find of all EVA foam. Just go to your neighborhood craft store and poof! It’s there. You can add extra details or smooth things over with this foam.

There are just a few things you need to do after you choose the foam. First, print out the pattern you wish to use and trace it onto the foam. After that step is complete, just cut out the pieces and put them all together with some adhesive, and of course a couple of power tools. Some good ones are heat guns, exacto knives, and a dremel. Once complete, just add the needed details like color and sand some rough edges. After all of that is done, voila! you have your finished armor.

Here are some good examples of EVA foam being used in cosplay…

(Erazer Girl by Kamui Cosplay)

Image result for eva foam cosplay overwatch

(Symmetra also by Kamui Cosplay)

(Master Sword by I think in Comics)

Pros and Cons

Now we get to the good and bad sides of EVA foam. Some benefits of EVA are that unlike most materials that you can use to make cosplay armor, EVA is quite cost effective. Another good thing about the foam is how malleable it is and how it varies in its possible thickness. These qualities make it a very useful material for cosplayers and prop makers alike.

On the down side, there are cons to EVA foam. For example, just like its thickness can be a pro to it, the thickness can cause EVA to be a downfall as well. If the foam is too thick, sometimes it can make certain parts of your armor, helmet, or whatever you wish to make too thick thus causing it to be quite hard to mold. Especially if you are dealing with a tile type of EVA foam. Lastly craft foam–the thinnest type of EVA foam isn’t always the most durable unless dunked in some Plastidip or Mod podge.

To Sum up…

All in all, no matter what you want to use EVA for, whether it be armor or props it remains to be one of the most valuable materials in the cosplay world. Also, if you find yourself asking where can I find EVA foam? All I’m able to find is regular craft foam. Look no further, just follow this link and you’ll find everything you need for your EVA foam needs.


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